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Chet Gecko Private Eye

Chet Gecko, Private Eye

He's everyone's favorite elementary-school detective and lizard of mystery. And this is Gecko Central ó your source for all things marvelous and mysterious about Chet and his partner, Natalie Attired.

We'll be adding new activities and fun stuff (like Chet's favorite recipes) as the months go by. Let us know if there's anything you'd like to see.

  Chet Gecko: Case File

Who is Chet Gecko? Our research reveals:

Favorite foods: Stinkbug pie, Pillbug Crunch bars, wolf-spider lasagna.
Siblings: Little sister Pinky.
Dislikes: (See siblings.) Also, math class, broccoli, homework, lima beans, cooties, and crying reptiles.
Likes: Mysteries, food, best friend Natalie Attired, food, comic books, food, and of course, food.
Little-known facts: Dodgeball champion, two years running.
Hobbies: Teasing sister, reading, cartooning, skateboarding, knitting doilies for submarines. (Just kidding about that last one.)
Business: Danger.

HANDOUT ó How to Draw Chet Gecko!
Ever wanted to know how to draw Chet Gecko? Now you can! Click HERE to download the PDF handout.

How to Be a Detective

If you'd like to spy on your friends and family, dig up clues at your school, and otherwise act like a private eye, we've got just the thing for you.

Check out these DETECTIVE TIPS from Chet Gecko's Detective Handbook (and Cookbook).

Natalie's Bad Joke Book

Chet's partner, Natalie Attired, comes up with some of the worst jokes known to animal-kind (or humankind, for that matter). If you're one of those people who thinks bad is good, check out Natalie's joke page here.

Want to learn how to draw Natalie Attired? Click here for the handout.

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Click HERE to read what kids have to say about Chet and what Chet has to say about life – it's Chet's favorite page.

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