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Clark the Shark Takes Heart Clark the Shark lives life loud — except when it comes to girls! It’s Angela Angelfish’s birthday, and Clark wants to find the perfect present for her to show her how he feels.

But when he tries to make a big impression with his usual zip, bang, and BOOM, things don’t go quite as planned. With help from his best friend, Joey Mackerel, Clark the Shark learns that when it comes to showing you care, something thoughtful and small could be the best of all.


Clark the Shark Dares to Share Here, our favorite boisterous shark learns that sharing is caring — but sometimes the lesson is a little confusing.

Clark shares his funky shark dance with the class, but Mrs. Inkydink tells him he has to wait his turn. Clark shares his reef-hockey skills, but his teammates would rather Clark share the puck. With help from his friends, Clark learns that sharing can be sweet — with a hip, and a hop, and a skiddly-widdly wop!


Clark the Shark Clark is a shark with zing, bang, and BOOM!

Clark zooms into school, crashes through the classroom, and is rowdy at recess. Clark loves life—but when his enthusiasm is too much for his friends, Clark’s teacher, Mrs. Inkydink, helps him figure out a way to tone it down.

Written by Bruce Hale • Illustrations by Guy Francis

“Enthusiastic kids will appreciate the message that there is a time and a place for everything — they needn’t stay cool ‘round the clock.”
— Kirkus Reviews

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